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The MaZi Method

The method consist of uniquely developed and tested dance based strength conditioning & cardio classes that work seamlessly together.  You do not need dance experience to train!  


MaZi has designed and simpified strength conditioning moves using professional ballet technique.  These moves work your entire body and are used in all Ballerina Bum classes.   

Dance Cardio 

The music, choreography & formats are handpicked to give you a heart pounding workout, that also happens to be the most engergizing, heartfelt, & fun!   

MaZi for Cross Training

There's a reason pro-sports players take ballet & dance, it's the ultimate cross-training tool!  Ballet-based exercises get to "difficult to workout" muscles that sometimes get ignored, lengthens, and provides unparalleled coordination.  

MaZi for the most empowered you!

At MaZi we use our own body weight for strength, like a ballerina does.  The results of pure MaZi are long strong muscles.  We make it easy to incorporate both cardio and strength conditioning by offering a variety of formats that are effective, inspiring and empowering!  You will feel and be stronger in your body, mind and spirit.  

If you haven't found a workout you can stick with, we urge you to try MaZi!  In the past 7 years that is what we hear time and time again; "could never stick to a workout before MaZi"!  

We look forward to meeting you!





Cardio (bring sneakers)

Ballerina Fight Club

Combination of toning, cardio and interval training using stength moves from Ballerina Bum Bootcamp and cardio from tough shadow boxing combinations . Get it all done in one hour, gain agility and leave feeling centered & powerful! Bring sneakers. ♥ ♥ 


Like to dance? You’ll love Zi-Cardio!  This class features the best music anywhere with easy to follow choreography featuring high intensity cardio and built-in intervals for maximum calorie burn and results!  ♥ ♥

Dance Cardio

High-energy/high impact cardio class that will make you sweat.   Planks, arms, and arms with weights ‘break’ included!  Class is held in a warm temperature environment. ♥ ♥ ♥


Fiercely fun dance fitness class based on pop, rock, and hip hop music and high energy dance steps. Burn calories and lose weight while dancing to todays hottest music for a uniquely effective WERQout.  ♥ ♥

B-Girl Hip-Hop

Let your hair down in this class where you will get an amazing workout while you unleash your inner vixen! Jam to the latest hip hop songs in a pre-choreographed cardio format and integrate Ballerina Bum sculpting work for a complete workout! Bring sneakers and tons of energy!  Fresh. Urban. Energetic. ♥ ♥


Ballerina Bum Bootcamp

An intense toning class derived from ballet technique with routines that change bi-weekly for continuous results. Different tools are utilized to keep your work-out effective and your mind engaged!

Ballerina Bum Barre

Strength work targeting powerhouse, back/glutes and feet/ankles. This is a full body-workout, no ballet or dance experience necessary, bring sneakers. 

Ballerina Bum Body

Experience MaZi’s version of zen! Filled with breathing, lengthening, and the best dance & yoga stretch sequences for flexibility and increased range of motion. Invest time in stretching and you will see significant differences in your body tone, strength access and overall stress levels. When you stretch muscles you facilitate access to all of their “power” to execute. When your muscles are not stretched they can’t perform efficiently in flexing and releasing. Additionally, flexibility not only keeps you healthy but allows you to have the range of motion needed to engage in a full body workout.

MaZi Intro to Ballet


Frappe, tendu? Learn ballet for the very first time or take this 3 week session as a refresher. You will start on the floor to learn proper body alignment, then continue on to barre and eventually some centre. Ballet classes are typically 90minutes, we will work up to that starting with just 60 min for the first few weeks. Email us if you are interested at mazidancefitness@gmail.comsince this class is not offered all the time.

High Intensity ♥ ♥ ♥ , Medium Intensity ♥ ♥, Lower Intensity ♥

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