MaZi Dance Chicago is made up of a strong community of NEW, life-long &  ”coming – back – to – dance” dancers looking for opportunities to learn choreography, volunteer & perform with MaZi Dance Fitness. Choreography includes contemporary, hip hop and lyrical choreography. 

The monthly membership covers all weekly 90 minute rehearsals including additional rehearsals needed during performance times or other special events. There is a 3 month minimum, no refunds, transfers or suspensions.  Good attendance is critical in continuing with the company and the success of the group.  Staying in shape and attending at least 2 MaZi classes a week are also key to success!


MaZi Dance Chicago (MDC) started when creatives such as Cathy Sunu whom asked MaZi to dance for projects, fundraisers, volunteering events & parties.  Now MaZi Dance Fitness is home to the very first dance fitness company … MaZi Dance Chicago!


2017 Schedule

2017 Schedule Coming Soon!

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