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MaZi™ Dance Fitness Centre

2001 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

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Ballerina Evolve (BE)

Our fitness method is a dancer's approach to form and exercise featuring sequences proven to evolve your body, how you feel in it, and movement. Our exercise combinations and cueing give you tools on how to think about activating your muscles and work your body holistically. The workout is based on ballet technique and starts out with a circulation enhancing warm-up, moving more strenously through different areas of concentration as you will work your entire body during all combinations. Props such as stability balls, hand weights, and bands are used to enhance activation and awakening of mind/body connection.


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Are you new to fitness and dance? Want mastering fitness basics before joining a group setting? Does your child want additional coaching in ballet? Are you a bride- to- be that wants help focusing your fitness goals? Then, private lessons could be for you!

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